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When I’m not shooting weddings and couples, do you want to know what my favorite thing to shoot is?  Businesses and boss babes. I love connecting with other small business owners, hearing their stories, and finding creative ways to help communicate their business story and brand to the world through branding sessions!

Jessica came to me on the eve of quitting her job as a lawyer and going full-time with her business.  She’s an author and coach for students prepping to take the bar exam and she is the epitome of a boss babe.  She’s got big goals ahead of her and knew that the first step was showing up and putting her face and story out there for the world. 

Branding sessions are all about building the “Know, Like, Trust” factor.  Why should they buy from you?  Because they know your story and see you as an authority.  Because they like cats and wine too! Because they see you busting your butt to make things happen and trust your expertise. 

An image communicates so much more than just what you look like to the world.  A power stance and bold look communicates your confidence and authority.  A photo where you’re crumbling into laughter makes you instantly relatable and approachable.  You need both.  And that’s where I come in.

Hire a branding photographer to take your business to the next level, to build the “Know, Like, Trust” factor with your audience and to increase your perceived value by potential clients.  Head over to the ‘Inquire’ tab and let’s start planning your session!


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