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Meet Jessica!

Every now and then I pick up my camera and go to an office or home and capture creatives in their element for a lifestyle branding session and it is so life-giving for me!  I love doing this.  My couples are my all-time favorite, but branding photography runs a close second because it is so dang refreshing and different from my norm!  I love capturing each entrepreneur’s story and space, hearing how they started their journey, and being inspired by their particular brand of awesome. 

My time with Jessi was just that- I walked away with so much admiration for the beautiful pieces she creates and just on a high from an hour spent together capturing her in her stunning sea-side home.  Her work is jaw-dropping gorgeous, full of whimsy and color, fun and fashion and I just cannot get enough of her custom illustrations!

Jessi started this business with a paintbrush and a dream- literally!  Before she started she didn’t really even know how to draw!  She decided she wanted to learn and day by day she got better and better (practice makes perfect!) and now she’s here!  She named her company Hazel and Grace Illustrations after her dog Hazel and the virtue of grace- “as a daily reminder.”  She’s been hustling as a mompreneur for 3 years now and loves having a creative outlet to work with her hands and rock her feminine side in a home full of boys.

Enjoy some of my favorites from her branding session!  We even got to squeeze in a few photos with her youngest son and sweet pup Hazel!


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