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Meet Jacklyn!

We got connected through my cousin, who was suite mates with Jacklyn at JMU.  She’s a mama to 3 beautiful boys, wife to Joey “the ice cream man,” (they run Lolly’s Creamery and Soup Co. and even gave me some ice cream to bring home!), and an amazing high-end wedding planner at Events by Jacklyn!

When I asked Jacklyn about her wedding planning journey, I was so encouraged to hear her reflect on her start:  “I was really wrestling with whether my desire to step into this business was worthy.  I was praying about it a lot when I came across the passage in John 2 of Jesus’ first miracle, which takes place at a wedding.  He turns water into the finest wine.  And I felt God, through this passage, impress on my heart, “Jacklyn, weddings matter to you because they matter to me.”” 

I was so touched by that.  She’s right you know.  God gives each of us a little ground to bring his glory into the world.  Some do it through engineering, some through admin, some through physical therapy and some through wedding planning.  He cares about it all, and he allows us a part in redeeming this world.  Friends, hire this lady.  She gets it!  She knows the big picture (this is for his glory!) and yet is all about the details.  She has a heart of gold and it shows. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from her branding session!  We even got to squeeze in a few photos with her youngest and her hubby!


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