Over The Moon Macarons

Meet Katie!

We got connected through a women’s cohort group in the fall that has been the biggest blessing.  She’s a mama to 3 beautiful kiddos, a seminarian wife, and now an amazing macaron baker. 

Honest confession:  I never liked macarons before trying hers.  I mean, I wasn’t sure what the trendy craze was all about because all I’d had were stale coffee shop macarons.  But Katie’s are this sweet, perfectly textured, gluten-free goodness (that even babies love!).  And praise the Lord, they’re now for sale!  She just launched Over the Moon Macarons, “homemade French macarons made just for you and your special occasion” right here in St. Louis!

Anyways, enough said.  Get you a friend like this girl.  She’s the whole package:  a loving, beautiful, macaron-making mama.  Follow along over on her Insta for lots of color, mouth-watering goodies, and cute babies!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our macaron-making morning!



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