Introducing…Abigail Hope Lin!

Meet my newest little love!

Our third daughter, Abigail Hope, was born February 17th at 3:31pm, weighing 6lbs120z, 19.5 inches. Her Chinese name is 希望 林 Ya Bei Jie (sounds similar to Abigail, means Elegant, Precious, Beautiful) Xi Wang (Hope) Lin. Her name began as a favorite of ours from Scripture and a nod to my sweet sister Aunt Abby, and has come to encompass so much more. She is a gift amidst an incredibly hard season, a season where we have begged God for the wisdom and courage of Abigail in 1 Samuel 25 and held onto hope in ways we have never had to before. 

Labor and delivery felt long, but when it came time to push she was here in minutes! My parents and Alvin’s parents rallied to take care of us and our girls while we were in the hospital and home the first week. Since then, my dear friend Kylee has moved in with us and been such a gift as we tackle this transition to being a family of 5. She leaves us this week and we will all miss her dearly! Between Kylee, family, and our church’s meal train, we have felt so loved!

After some weight loss, tongue tie, and jaundice hiccups of her first week, we have settled in to some sweet rhythms with our littlest love. She’s gaining weight, eating, and sleeping like a champ and seems completely un-phased by all her sisters’ loud antics. She loves a warm bath, sunshine, and snuggling in the crook of daddy’s arm (just like Lydia and Miriam did). Lydia and Miriam wake up in the morning and their first question is “Where’s Abigail?!” They love to “tiptoe” into our room to see her and do little happy dances around her while she sleeps. They decided that her animal is a hedgehog, and they will go get all the hedgehog things we own and pile them on her. It’s adorable.

Thank you for sharing our joy and celebrating this sweet little girl with us! We have been so touched by all the comments, calls, and care you’ve shown! It takes a village, and ours is a particularly special one. Enjoy our self-timer photos from the hospital!



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