Inside Look

The Sarah Lin bride

is feminine and romantic, flirtatious and sweet, classy and kind. She is out to make a statement, but in an effortless way. Physical touch is her love language and everyone knows it, but dessert falls a close second. She is thoughtful with details, yet trusting with their execution. She loves to laugh, treats friends like family, and makes her sister the maid of honor. She is the praying type, the one that holds your hand when you’re sharing your heart and her eyes shine with empathy and goodness. She is classy to a T, but has a hint of sass too and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. She is confident yet humble, and when donning her wedding dress can’t help but throw in a little twirl. There’s a timeless touch of royalty to her look that radiates first from a beautiful heart. She is a Sarah Lin bride.

The Sarah Lin groom

is a solid mixture of kind and quirky, intentional and thoughtful, approachable and real. He is a protective brother to his sisters and caring son to his mom. He works hard and is just as much a part of the wedding planning as his bride is, even if he lacks the artistic eye she has. He can’t hug her without coming in for a kiss, and when he’s with her nothing can distract him. He has the best guy friends. He toasts to them at the rehearsal dinner, unafraid to shed a tear in the process, and they eagerly take a knee and pray for him before going down the aisle. There’s a Captain America air to him radiating not just from his Marvel socks, but also from the strength and goodness of his heart. He is a Sarah Lin groom.

The Sarah Lin couple

values family and takes time to visit and Facetime home often. Their parents and siblings are anticipating their wedding just as much as they are. They enjoy date nights in trying new recipes and watching The Office just as much as date nights out exploring their city and hunting for the best local restaurants and aesthetics.   They’re playful and flirtatious, the kind of people that laugh a lot and share their hearts openly. They have been through deep waters in their time together and more than anything are looking forward to building a home and life that is uniquely theirs. Everyone around them knows they’re the real deal: best friends in love, not so sucked up in romance that they can’t handle the messes they both create, yet not so sedated by the mess that they can’t see how even their small moments hold the deepest joys. They are a Sarah Lin couple.

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