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Meet Michelle!

We met at Regent’s Christmas Village, where she had an amazing booth of Bibles, art, and ornaments. I introduced myself to her, bought a simple wooden nativity ornament from her to add to my collection, and started following her on Instagram and we struck up a friendship.  A few days later she reached out and asked about my branding sessions! This session has been on the calendar and in the works for months and she’s been so patient as we’ve rescheduled with stomach bugs, crazy schedules and quarantine, and we finally got to make it happen a few weeks ago!

Michelle and her husband Juan are seminary students, in-home counselors, running small business/ministries on the side. He runs Mejia Ministries, she runs Lovely Scripture. They’re beautiful, inspirational leaders, deeply concerned about the Biblical literacy and practical theology of the people they care for.  Since so much of their lives and ministries are intertwined, Michelle felt it was important to include him in her shoot, which I loved.  So we started with coffee and Bible reading on the couch as they shared with me more of their story and journey.

Michelle’s hand-painted Bibles, art and calligraphy are just breathtaking.  This girl is so talented!  If you’re on the hunt for amazing gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or just encouragement for your walls at home, head over to her Etsy shop! Enjoy my favorites from her beautiful in-home studio branding shoot!



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