Maggie & Steve | Harper’s Ferry Engagement Session | Harper’s Ferry Wedding Photographer

Meet Maggie & Steve!

You know how we all love the idea of being somewhere beautiful and new and fun and yet when it comes down to the logistics of figuring out when to leave, getting there, finding parking, etc. we get overwhelmed and quickly opt out? I’ll admit, that can be me. I love the idea of a new adventure, but can get bogged down in life and let them pass me by. I am forever grateful that Maggie convinced me to tackle the drive and details to do their engagement session in Harper’s Ferry. What a perfectly charming place! It’s two little historic streets on a peninsula, surrounded by the Potomac River and mountains all around and it is beautiful. And it’s here that so much of their love story has unfolded. 

Maggie and Steve love to hike, and when they need a getaway from the busyness of life in the city, they come here. Their favorite dates have brought them up to a mountain view overlooking the town of Harper’s Ferry. In fact, it was at that very overlook that Steve asked a random hiker to take their picture and then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked Maggie to be his wife. The story continues! After she said yes, they hiked down into the town and had dinner at a local restaurant. The hiker that took their photo happened to be there and sent over champagne to toast their engagement! 

Needless to say, it was so special to capture photos of these two in a place that holds so much significance to them. Enjoy some of my favorites from this spring engagement session!




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