My Third Trimester

Hi friends!

I wanted to take some time on the blog this week to catch you all up on our third trimester, now that we’re 39 weeks and on baby watch! Heads up, this is a long post! But it’s full of happy memories, that will hopefully make you smile!

Our third trimester has been our fullest. We’ve had home projects a plenty, my nephew Gideon was born, I shot my first COVID wedding and all the engagement sessions, we went on a babymoon, celebrated Alvin’s first Father’s Day, hopped in front of the camera for our own maternity photos, celebrated our 3rd anniversary, went on an amazing friendcation with college friends…I executed the biggest event of my career- a gorgeous styled shoot in my parent’s backyard, we redid an entire room in our house in preparation for this little one (and consequently shuffled around the rest of the house to make it happen), had three sweet and special baby showers (one virtual with out of town friends and family, one Office themed with women from our church, and one in our front yard with our community group) and felt so loved by everyone’s presence and presents…I turned 26 last week, and we had a sweet family weekend including cuddle time with Gideon this past weekend. Some friend visits, Psych episodes, youth events, and lots of good food in between, and it’s been full, full, full.

This trimester I’ve been surprised by how much energy I’ve had. I’ve slowed things down a lot, and had to consciously plan out my days to support my body well, but all in all I’ve been grateful to be able to keep living life. My back has been my biggest trouble spot this trimester, but honestly, with back surgery at 16, what did I expect? Grateful it hasn’t been worse, and truly feeling lucky for how my body has held up!

Girlfriend has officially dropped, and I have far more of a waddle going on. Every day is one day closer to her coming and we are truly so excited to meet her and kiss her sweet cheeks! If you think of us, please pray for peace in labor, a smooth delivery, and a healthy baby girl. Can’t wait to introduce her to the world!


Dear Lydia,

Your dad and I love you more and more each day. We can’t wait to kiss your sweet cheeks and see your head full of hair in person instead of through an ultrasound! Your due date is September 4, and we think it’d be pretty awesome if you show up around then. The 4th is actually smack dab in the middle between my birthday and your dad’s, so we could keep the parties going every 2 weeks in the late summer/early fall- sounds fun, right!?

Lately we’ve found that you love ice cream, and if I eat it too late at night, you’ll keep me up for hours dancing around in my tummy. You’ve also become an avid hiccup-er in this last trimester, and I love watching my stomach subtly bounce at all times of day.

In this trimester, it’s been so special to see our community and our family get excited for your coming and rally around us to help us prepare! Your great-grandpa, GranDan, and Grammie have come over to help paint, hang curtains, install closet doors, and get the house ready for you. Your Ye Ye and Nai Nai have prayed for you and me every single day. So many future aunties and uncles have sent gifts to complete your nursery and words of encouragement and prayers for you in this season. Being pregnant with you during a pandemic has been strange on several fronts, but we are so grateful for how our people have intentionally loved on you- even if virtually or at a social distance!

Your dad is so smitten with you already. Several times a week he reads to you from the Jesus Storybook Bible and lays his head on my stomach to talk to you. He can’t wait to be your Papa Panda 🙂 He has a heart of gold and loves us girls so well. I can’t wait for you to get to know him.

Come when you’re ready little one- we can’t wait to meet you!




PS- If you missed it, you can catch up on our first and second trimesters here!

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