Bridal Sessions

First of all, what is a bridal session?

A bridal session is a photoshoot of just you- the bride, all glammed up before your big day! Traditionally, they’re kind of a Southern thing, but nowadays there’s no reason every bride shouldn’t consider spoiling yourself with one before your big day!

Sooooo, why?

You’re probably doing a hair/makeup trial anyways- instead of taking that gorgeous look to Walmart or work, why not get some photos out of it?

A bridal session gives you an opportunity to incorporate a location (or season) that’s significant to you but can’t be a part of your wedding day. For example: You’ve always wanted a picture of you twirling in a fall field at sunset in your dress but there’s no field near your venue and you’ll be in the middle of the ceremony at sunset and you’re getting married in June? This is the perfect opportunity to make those kinds of creative, gorgeous images happen!

The shoot itself can be a special memory with your mom/grandma/girlfriends- whoever you decide to bring along!

The images will be a perfect present for your parents, grandparents, and future groom.

You can incorporate your grandma’s veil, or mom’s shoes, or tiny mementos that you want to honor, but won’t be wearing on your actual day.

Another opportunity to get to know your hair artist, makeup artist, florist, and photographer before the big day.

These images will be amazing legacy images for your children, grandchildren, and great-grand children to have. They’re the kind of photos they might display at their own weddings down the line!

On your wedding day, the focus of the portrait time is on the two of you (as it should be!) and when a timeline gets tight, photos of you as individuals are some of the first to be let go. But these photos matter too! You’ve dreamed of being a bride, your mom has dreamed of seeing you in this dress, it’s important to slow down and capture just you!

It’s the prettiest dress you’ll ever own.  You should wear it more than once!


Why I loved my bridal session:

Super special memory with my mom and my friend AnaMichele (one of my bridesmaids who gifted me this session) that only increased my anticipation of my wedding day!

I got to incorporate meaningful details in this session. My grandpa passed away just a month before. He never got to see me as a bride. He lived in Williamsburg, where I chose to do this session. The bouquet I’m holding was made from flowers from his celebration of life. The wedding band I’m wearing is my grandma’s (his wife’s), who passed on years before. It is so special to have these images that hold and celebrate little bits of my family’s legacy!

It was a good trial run for the wedding day- gave me a better sense of how much time it took to get laced up in my dress, move from place to place, etc. and helped me plan my wedding timeline accordingly.

I loved my dress and wanted every opportunity to be in it just a little longer!

Here’s some photos of my bridal session taken by my dear friend, Ana-Mation Photography:

Interested in adding a bridal session to your bridal experience with me? Shoot me an email at and we can make it happen!

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