My Second Trimester

Hi friends!

I wanted to take some time on the blog today to catch you up on all our second trimester craziness and answer the most-asked pregnancy questions I’ve gotten now that we’re 28 weeks and into the third trimester!

My second trimester was kicked off with a gender reveal party with our immediate families just before COVID craziness came! My brother organized the party and you can see everyone’s reactions to finding out that Baby Lin is a GIRL in the photos below. We also shared her name with family then: Lydia Joy Lin. It was such a special day.

That was the last weekend in February. Then we had a few normal weeks before quarantine (round 2 for us!) came. Before quarantine hit, we had a giant middle school retreat at Triple R Ranch: one last hoorah before we were all tucked away for weeks.

Our quarantine has consisted of lots of homecooked meals (Alvin’s been working on his grill game!), little house projects (finally got some curtains hung, I recaulked our whole bathtub, and I bought a powerwasher!), lots of reading (I’m currently on my 11th book of quarantine), and the transition to online ministry (weekly Zoom calls for youth group, community group, college group, and Bible study). Oh, and lots of Netflix, let’s be honest 🙂 Alvin and I have had so much quality time together in this season- which feels extra special as we walk towards parenthood. 

So many people have asked, “How have you been feeling!?” The honest answer is GRATEFUL. The slowness of quarantine has lined up well with what my body has needed. I got my energy back in the second trimester, allowing me to tackle a long list of house projects (a precursor to nesting I think). I’m definitely moving slower these days- I have some back pain and sciatica that comes with the territory, and I have to pace myself accordingly. In the last few weeks I’ve had some not-so-fun digestive issues that have left me out of commission a day each week. But besides that, I’ve really been doing awesome. Lydia is kicking and somersaulting like crazy and responding to Alvin’s voice at night, which is the sweetest thing.

As I walk (or waddle) into the 3rd trimester (a super busy season for me with photography!), I am praying for energy for each day, and strength to carry this little one through the summer heat with grace.






Dear Lydia Joy,

Your first 3 months we traveled the world: DC, Chesapeake, Taiwan and back, and Atlanta. In these last 3 months we’ve been tucked away at home. It was a stark contrast, but a welcome break.

You’ve started moving so much! I remember the first time I felt you kick- we were sitting on the couch watching TV when I felt that slight flutter and it took a few seconds for me to recognize, that was you! And I remember the first time your daddy felt you kick. We were laying in bed a few weeks later just before going to sleep and you kicked him good- 3 times in a row just so he would know for sure it was you! He was so excited. Now you kick and move so much that sometimes you startle me. I love your little kicks, but your “elbow drags” (where you pull your elbow or some other bony part across my entire belly) are not my fav. I’ve told you that, but you still do them anyways. I think you might have a bit of my stubbornness and sass.

We saw our first 3D pictures of your sweet face when you were 20 weeks old, and I told your daddy that you have his nose. He really latched onto that idea and now he always talks about your “beautiful nose” as he coos over your pictures. The other night you and your daddy had a conversation. He laid his head next to my belly and talked to you and you punched his nose in response. It made us both smile. He says you’ll be an MMA fighter one day 🙂

We pray two prayers for you almost daily: One, that you will grow healthy and strong. Two, that you will come to love Jesus and be a little light- living up to your middle name, spreading his JOY to all that you know. We love you so, so much sweet girl and we are so excited to meet you.


Your Mama


PS- If you missed it, you can catch up on my first trimester HERE!

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