Heather & Jamie | Shenandoah River State Park Engagement | Front Royal Wedding Photographer

Meet Heather and Jamie!

Oh man ya’ll, I can’t wait for you to scroll through this post- I was smiling ear-to-ear editing these photos yesterday!  Heather is a friend of mine from George Mason- she was a freshman when I was a senior and when Mason Cru had an “Adopt a Freshman” week she was mine to shower with cards and chocolates!  It is seriously the coolest thing to see her now- about to graduate and so in love with Jamie- the sweetest guy.

These two met at church.  It was one of those “he went to the church before I did, moved away when I came to the church, and came back to visit periodically so we knew of each other but didn’t really know each other” stories for years.  They started dating right before Heather studied abroad in England for a semester and they laughed, “that was a good thing- it forced us as introverts to talk to each other!”  Well they kept at it and pursued each other hard and after two years of dating Jamie took Heather to his childhood home and proposed on the front lawn.  He told me: “I wanted to start my life with Heather where the rest of my life began.”  GUYS.  Isn’t that the sweetest!?! 

We had an amazing day on Saturday to explore Shenandoah River State Park, where Heather and Jamie’s church has spent many springs camping together.  We hiked the trails, laughed about everything under the sun, and they even treated me to a little roadside jam session on their instruments! 

Gosh, their January wedding can’t come soon enough!  Enjoy my all-time favorites from their spring mountain engagement session!


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