Barbados | Anniversary Trip

This trip was originally supposed to be in July, to celebrate our one year anniversary.  But then we moved to VA, and Alvin started his new job so we pushed it back 6 months and the timing was perfect for us to celebrate not just 1.5 years of marriage, but 3 years together!  This was the first vacation we’ve taken where we haven’t been coming out of complete insanity to return to complete insanity.  Alvin didn’t have to study, we weren’t anticipating a big move immediately after… we were able to just BE.

We’ve learned that we need these days away.  To recenter. To get off our screens. To get some perspective. To play. And to make new memories, together. Our entire dating relationship was long distance, so living out of suitcases, hauling through airports, and adventuring together takes us back and reminds us how much we’ve grown…

Day one was spent learning to drive on the left side of the road and trying to avoid Barbados’ many potholes, relaxing at the beach with the most fluffy white sand and gorgeous waters, and spending an arm and a leg for some awesome sushi.  Day two we went on a sea turtle and shipwreck snorkeling tour, where you’ll see in the photos, I was right up next to my favorite animals!  Day three we drove to the North side of the island and had a lovely cliffside lunch before exploring Animal Flower Cave and getting to swim in the cave pools!  Day four we took a break from the water and explored the capital, Bridgetown and went to Oistin’s Fish Fry for the sunset and dinner. 

It was a quick trip, really, but it was exactly what we needed.  Plenty of downtime, plenty of sunshine time, plenty of time away from our screens to adventure and play and read and reconnect.  Enjoy my favorites from our Barbados adventure!



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