Katie & Chris | Jockey’s Ridge State Park Couples Session| Outer Banks Wedding Photographer

Meet Katie and Chris!

This shoot has a special place in my heart for a few reasons:

1. This is my brother and his girlfriend! They’ve been dating for 3 years now, and Katie is truly part of the family. It’s been special to watch them grow up side by side, and capture them through the years.

2. I’ve been wanting to shoot at Jockey’s Ridge for forever! Isn’t it so unique!? I worked hard to get just the right angles to make it look as if we were in the Sahara, when in reality, this is a 5 minute drive from the beach! As a photographer, I love how the never ending sand feels like a blank canvas to play with. It makes me laugh to think that the last time Chris and Katie modeled for me was for a snow session at a cabin on a lake in the woods (I’ll link it here)! This could not have been a more stark contrast!

3. We took these photos while vacationing as a family in the Outer Banks. Even though OBX is practically in my backyard, this week there was such a special getaway that truly felt like an escape from the busyness of life to laugh and play and eat and beach together and it meant the world to me to do that with my parents and siblings and their families!

Enjoy my favorites from this Jockey’s Ridge State Park couples session!



PS- The big “O” above is what my grandpa has termed “the Super Duper Hug” and I think will be my new way of signing off here on the blog! Sending you all a Super Duper Hug today!

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