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At this point, these two should be familiar faces to y’all. This is my sister Abby and her hubby Josh, and little babe-on-the-way, Gideon.  This is the third photoshoot I’ve done for them, and probably the billionth photoshoot I’ve done of Abby.  She’s been my number one model from day one of my photography journey, and my biggest cheerleader.

They came to be quarantined with us this past weekend and we got them all glammed up for a walk around the neighborhood and a few maternity photos. This shoot was a good challenge for me- to see my bland neighborhood a little differently, and to find picturesque corners in side-of-the-road spots. I’m proud of how it all turned out, and it was fun to get extra creative!  It was extra special to have this time together and capture these photos for them, knowing that the next time we see them they’ll probably be holding their baby boy!

Being preggers at the same time as my sister is the sweetest thing. It’s hard to be pregnant during a pandemic, but it also gives us the future vision we need so we don’t get completely swallowed up in all this. ⁠It helps us dream beyond masks and toilet paper shortages to a family Thanksgiving with two little babes to cuddle. It’s so special to picture them growing up together, playing on the water at my parent’s house. ⁠And it’s so very precious to walk in a season of newness and unknowns knowing my sister is right there with me.



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