Monica & Matt | Piedmont Club | Haymarket Wedding Photographer

I’m having so much fun going through my 2019 wedding season all over again as I blog each couple’s full wedding day!  One of the things I remember most about Matt and Monica’s day was how unrushed it was. There was time in their timeline for flexibility, all the bride and groom photos (you’ll see- they are lucky to have so many and so much variety!), a full receiving line, plated dinners, four toasts and plenty of dancing! It was a hot summer day, but we had time to sit and drink water in between events, to take in the day for what it was, to store up memories as we went.

On a personal note, looking back over these weddings is showing me how much my photography has grown. Just a few months before their wedding, I started introducing off-camera flash into my reception photos, taking those images up a notch. And even since their day, those reception photos have gone up a few more notches (head to Erica and Jim’s day to see how I grew!)! It’s encouraging to look at and see tangible growth, and to show you that with each wedding I strive to be better and better, for my couples!

I said this in their highlight post, but I’ll say it again:  These two have a way of just being with each other that is the sweetest thing to stand witness to. How he pulls her in for a hug and nestles his head in the crook of her neck. How she melts into Monica giggles (if you know Monica, you know what I’m talking about) constantly when she’s with him. Monica and Matt, I am so grateful to call you friends and to have cheered you on from day one of your relationship. It was a genuine honor to be a witness to the day you became husband and wife, and I hope these photos bring smiles to your faces in these uncertain times!



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