Abby & Josh {Tower Grove Engagement Session}

They’re back!  If you didn’t catch it, last week I shared the first half of my sister and her man’s engagement session (complete with a red dress, perfect light, and ice cream!) and today I’m sharing part 2! 

In my opinion, every engagement session should be this perfect and relaxed.  After part 1 in Forest Park and an ice cream break at Ice’s Plain and Fancy, we made our way to Tower Grove Park for part 2.  I think you’ll agree with me that the light was ah-ma-zing and those lift pics at the end?!  I died with heart-eyes! 

One of my favorite parts of engagement sessions is the opportunity to get to know and showcase who my clients are through images.  If you’ve hung around here for any length of time, you’ll notice that no two Sarah Lin couple sessions look the same.  That’s because each couple’s connection is different!  Some of my couples belly-laugh the entire time and can’t keep a straight face for the life of them, others fall into each other’s arms with an intimate, quiet romance.  These two?  Their love is playful, but gentle.  It laughs freely and holds tightly.  The way they look at each other communicates more than words ever could.  That golden light only highlights the fairy-tale glow their love gives off. 

Anyways, enough gushing on my end.  Enjoy my favorites from this Tower Grove engagement!



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