Houseboat Getaway | Stanley Leigh

In 2.5 years of marriage we’ve learned that we need time away.  Time, away from our norm, our house, our jobs, to step away from screens, be somewhere new, and make new memories together.  Even if it’s less than 24 hours. We’ve learned that this does a world of good for us.  It helps seasons of life not slip by unmarked, it gives us a chance to step away and reflect, and it unifies us with experiences that our uniquely ours.  Memory making is so important my friends!

Alvin found this little getaway deal on Groupon!  Originally we were scheduled to stay on the Louis Elaine, Stanley’s sister houseboat that shares the same dock. But she had some plumbing issues, so we got upgraded to the larger and more spacious Stanley Leigh! It was a real treat!  We boarded right at sunset, settled in with a fruit and cheese tray our host put out for us, and then drove a few mins to our favorite Norfolk restaurant: Luna Maya. We came back and played good old fashioned Battleship, just took in the stillness of being on the water at night, and turned in early.  You could definitely feel the boat move, but neither of us were bothered by it- it rocked us right to sleep!  In the morning we watched the ducks and seagulls go by from the front deck, had cereal and dried fruit (complimentary) for breakfast, and then said goodbye and finished out our little getaway with lunch at Bon Chon in Norfolk.  It was a super sweet less than 24hrs doing what we love most: exploring somewhere new, feeling pampered, and eating lots of good food!

The first half of the post is a little tour of the boat, starting with the back deck, to the inside, to the front deck. The second half of the post shows off all the fun design details.  I was so impressed with all the thoughtful little touches the boat held- from plants galore to a Polaroid camera for some souvenir shots, the space was beautiful!


PS- This houseboat can sleep 4 people comfortably!  Under the control panel, there was a small staircase down to the hull. There there were two twin beds!

PPS- If you want to see another one of our fun mini getaways, check out this post from when Alvin surprised me with a treehouse retreat!

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