Treehouse Retreat

I have the sweetest, most thoughtful husband.

Let me give you an example.

He surprised me a few weeks ago with a mid-week retreat before our semester started.  As we roadtripped out, I knew we were going to Tennesse and we wouldn’t have wifi so I assumed, “okay, cabin in the woods, sounds great.”  We turned into a farm with fairy lights lighting the driveway all the way up to this- a literal TREEHOUSE.  I mean I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.  Every detail of this perfect home was beautiful crafted and styled, down to the tea and hot chocolate waiting for us.  It was straight out of an HGTV dream.

We spent two days snowed in there, playing games, taking time to sleep in and rest, and eating far too much chocolate in preparation for Whole30 🙂  I’m usually the cook in our home, and Alvin washes dishes, but for our time there he made me an awesome homemade dinner and washed the dishes himself! 

Of course, with a place so perfect, I couldn’t resist setting up the tripod for a few self-portraits (I’ve been needing some updated headshots!) and some glowy sunset photos of the two of us.  Fun fact:  in his wedding vows, Alvin promised to never deny me a selfie so even though it was FREEZING, he indulged me with the photos you see here.  Just another reason why he’s my fav.

Enjoy some photos from our treehouse getaway!



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