Heather & Jamie | Community Baptist Church | Chantilly Wedding Photographer

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Rice!

Pulling up to the church where they met and would be married in just a few hours, the weather didn’t look promising.  It was sprinkling and the sky was filled with dark rain clouds.  But no cloud in the sky could dampen the joy of this day, and I have never had a more trusting bride than Heather.  She was down for anything, wasn’t concerned about her dress or hair at all, and after the ceremony when it was raining pretty hard, she was so excited when I suggested a few umbrella pics.

Heather is a friend of mine from George Mason- she was a freshman when I was a senior and when Mason Cru had an “Adopt a Freshman” week she was mine to shower with cards and chocolates! It was seriously the coolest thing to be with her on her wedding day as she prepared to marry Jamie, who absolutely treasures her.

From my first interactions with these two on their day: with Heather in the bridal suite singing along to the Frozen 2 soundtrack with her bridesmaids (my current favorite), and Jamie and I laughing it up over that crazy kiss in the new Star Wars movie (sorry, a little spoiler!), I knew it was going to be a good day.  Their families and friends were so excited for them, and it was precious to watch the day unfold. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from their bride and groom portraits at Community Baptist Church! Full wedding post to come!



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