Spring Break in Chicago

It’s been on my list to make a Chicago trip happen while we live in the midwest and so this spring break we seized the opportunity. We stayed in a little Air B&B in Chinatown for a night and Uber-ed around the city for two days and stayed the night at a Bed & Breakfast on the way home.

I can’t stress this enough guys:  I married the greatest guy.  I’m the kind of girl who loves good food and aesthetics, and wants to “see it all” when I’m in a new place but I’m not the best with researching and transportation and all those boring things that allow fun stuff like that to happen.  But Alvin?  He loves all that and joyfully planned our entire trip and it was perfect. 

Best dumpling spot in Chinatown?  Check.  Most romantic fondue restaurant in Chicago?  Check. (Sorry no pics from that one, it was a phone-free restaurant)  Deep dish pizza cooking class at the original deep dish restaurant in the city (aka Uno’s for those wondering)?  Check.  Bed and Breakfast on the way home to unwind?  Check.  Fresh flowers and an “I love you!” cake at said B&B?  Check.  Guys, he’s the best.

We had a blast on our mini getaway, the perfect break from school and life.  Enjoy some iPhone and camera pics from our stay in The Windy City!



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