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Meet Mr. and Mrs. Elsmo!

These two are dear, dear friends. Evan and I were classmates in college, both taking Chinese, when I invited him to join a ministry I was a part of (Cru) and he quickly got swept up in my friend group! Hannah and I were housemates my senior year of college and we had so many giggle fests in that house together. She and Evan started dating that year around Christmas, and as a housemate, I got a front row seat to watching their love grow. The whole house knew- this was the real deal. That was almost 5 years ago!!! That’s 5 years that these two have stuck by each other so I’m not exaggerating when I say this weekend felt like such a long time coming!

Back when they first started dating, I sneakily took some iPhone shots of them that ended up being their first photos together. So it felt like such a full circle moment when I got to take their first photos as bride and groom, husband and wife. When guests lists are limited, and big parties are delayed, the weight of the honor that it was to be one of the few there in person on a their wedding day felt extra powerful. ‚Ā†Hannah and Evan, I love you both so much! I am so happy that you chose to move forward with your “I do”s despite all that COVID threw at you, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you again next year! Thank you for including me in your intimate day, it was a gift to stand witness to you two becoming one!

Enjoy my favorites from Hannah & Evan’s pre-ceremony portrait time! Full blog post of their day coming soon!




2 thoughts on “Hannah & Evan | Backyard COVID Wedding | Richmond Wedding Photographer”

  • Beautiful photos of (our niece) Hannah & Evan’s backyard Covid19 Wedding. You captured all the love and excitement of their day. Can’t wait until next year so we can attend their wedding.

  • Sarah thank u so much for the great pictures I loved these!!!
    Thank u for being a great friend to my daughter and Evan
    Good luck with that baby girl u are going to lover her!!!

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