Sarah & Erwin | Engagement Session | Downtown Fairfax and Burke Lake Park Wedding Photographer

Meet Sarah and Erwin!

We’ve known Erwin for years (he served as an usher in our wedding!) and have always wondered what lucky lady he’d end up with.  When we met Sarah for the first time in the spring, it was clear she had completely stolen his heart.  Get them talking and reminiscing and they just melt into each other and it’s the sweetest thing ever to witness.  We’ve felt honored to walk alongside them and witness how in trial and in joy they have pursued each other tenderly. This season has been anything but easy for them but their connection, joy, and love has only grown through it. They’ve taken on it together, hand in hand, as they will all things, till death do them part. We feel grateful to know people like them who take the vows ahead of them seriously and rejoice to lift one another up in the hills and valleys life brings.

We started our session at De Clieu. A friend joked with me recently about how if your first date is there or at Sister’s Thai across the street you’re guaranteed at least 6 months together. Considering it was Erwin and Sarah’s first “date” spot and they are on their way to saying their “I do”s, I think he’s got some solid evidence to back his theory up!  It was so fun to watch them interact as they reflected on those first homework dates and how far they’ve come since.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their De Clieu, downtown Fairfax and Burke Lake Park engagement session full of heart-felt moments, giggling and goofing off together, and pulling each other close and holding each other tight.



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