Favorite Thrift Finds

Happy Hump Day!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good thrift store find.  Goodwill is my jam.  We have one about 4 minutes from our house here in St. Louis and it is the bomb.  Like, sometimes Target donates brand new items to the store and they sell them at a quarter of the Target price!  Seriously, our Goodwill is gold.  I’ve found so many treasures and necessities for our home there so today I wanted to share them with you!

Here’s the thing about thrifting:  When you find something that fits you just right or is exactly what you’ve been looking for for your home decor, you feel like you’re on top of the world.  Because unlike department stores that have 30 of each item, there’s only one of that special something!  And you found it!  Call me the Goodwill goddess!  (For real, that’s how I feel!) 

All jokes aside, I really felt like when we first moved to St. Louis God provided exactly what we needed with each Goodwill trip.  When I didn’t need something, I didn’t find anything.  But when we were hunting for a rug for the living room, a mirror for the bedroom, and chairs for the dining room there they were and I felt a little squeeze from the Lord each time, like these were gifts from above sent just for us.  He’s good like that, you know?  He cares about the little things too and he is so incredibly generous.

Want to know my top thrifting tip?  Go often!  The turn-over in thrift stores is fast (especially here in St. Louis) so visit once a week if you’re looking for something in particular.  If they didn’t have it last Monday, you might just score big this Monday!

Anyways, enjoy some older images (from around Christmas time- excuse the decor) of my favorite thrifting finds that have made our newlywed home complete!

Welcome to our humble home!



Rug, lamps, and curtains from Goodwill

Chair + ottoman and light up JOY letters from Goodwill















Shoe rack, Christmas wreath, picture frames from Goodwill

Desk and bookshelves, mirror, pillow and lamp from Goodwill















Giant mirror, dresser trinkets, accent pillows from Goodwill

Lamp, picture frame, globe from Goodwill















And my all-time favorite find:  brand-new from Target at Goodwill dining room chairs (and just after one of our old chairs was ruined!)


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