Norma & Albert | St. Luke’s Historic Church Wedding | Smithfield Wedding Photographer

Meet Norma and Albert!

Norma and Albert are part of our church here in Chesapeake. Albert is an elder, so he and Alvin work quite closely together. Between them both being “AL”s (Alvin Lin and Albert Lee), around the same height and build, Asian, and usually sitting in the same place in church, they get mistaken for each other quite often and we have lots of laughs about it. When we moved here 4 years ago, Albert and Norma had just started dating. For a year we were a part of the same community group, sharing life and dessert together every week. It has been so special to witness this quiet love grow between them. As time has gone on, they’ve become inseparable and it’s been so sweet to see them stretch each other: Albert started swing dancing with Norma every week and even treated their wedding guests to a special swing “first dance” at their wedding reception. Norma has become quite the foodie as she and Albert have traveled and explored the area together. It is clear that they are a good team and are best friends.

Their wedding day was beautiful! A perfect spring day at the oldest church in Virginia (Norma’s ancestor was one of the first pastors at St. Luke’s!). An intimate ceremony performed by our pastor and Albert’s best friend Bob, with readings by Norma’s daughter and a prayer by Albert’s son. In attendance were their families and their community group. Afterwards we walked the grounds for some newlywed photos.

They received their gallery this past week and when I saw them in church this Sunday they came straight up to me all smiles just gushing. Norma said, “I scrolled through the gallery again and again our entire flight home from the honeymoon.” It is such an honor to capture moments like these for friends so dear.



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