Life Lately as a Family of Four

Miriam is now 5 months old, and we finally feel like we’ve got a groove going as a family of four- just in time for wedding season for me and some big job shifts for Alvin to put us to the test! 😉 But in all seriousness, we’ve fallen into such a sweet spot recently. Miriam is talking and squawking and being oh-so-smiley. Lydia is actually talking and walking and playing oh-so-sweetly. They both light up when they see each other and Lydia’s excited coo of “Mei Mei” (little sister in Chinese) is my favorite sound. Both girls are great eaters and sleepers (we finally got them settled in as roommates!) which has been the biggest blessing and makes life a lot smoother. Last weekend I even got to slip away for a retreat with women from my church (thanks to my in-laws help with the girls!) and everyone not only survived, but thrived. We have our bedroom back (you don’t realize how often you wake up in the night and how much you’ve missed an uninterrupted sleep until there isn’t a baby in your room anymore), I feel like myself again in this wild postpartum journey (thank you Whole30!), and life is good.

As we gear up for a busy next 4 months with both our work schedules increasing, I wanted to take this space to pause and remember the now- Lydia at 19 months, Miriam at 5 months: our little family of four in all it’s newness and joy. I am so happy to have family photos to mark this time and to finally fill the three frames I’ve had hanging in the living room that have had stock photos in them for the last 3 months! A huge thank you to my dear friend and second shooter Anna who took these for us on a colder-than-it-looks spring day a few weeks ago. I will treasure them always.


Photos by Anna Disharoon Photo, edits by me.

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  • Sarah and Alvin,
    What fun to see these great photos of you both and your darling daughters.
    Aunt Jan

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