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Meet Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg!

I have never seen a bride more giddy and excited on her wedding day than Monica.  It was absolutely precious.  She’d been planning this day over a year and when the day finally came, I love how she let all the stress slide and allowed herself to be fully present.  She delighted in every little part of the day, but most of all in her time with Matt.  As the morning unfolded, we were doing getting ready photos of each of them separately.  The schedule had been running behind just a tad (like all wedding days since the dawn of man) and I asked her if she wanted to stick to the original plan and take pictures with her bridesmaids before the first look, or go see Matt now and take bridesmaid photos after.  Her face split into the biggest smile, “Let’s go see Matt now!”

These two have a way of just being with each other that is the sweetest thing to stand witness to.  How he pulls her in for a hug and nestles his head in the crook of her neck.  How she melts into Monica giggles (if you know Monica, you know what I’m talking about) constantly when she’s with him.  How the worries of the world melt away when they’re together and they seem perfectly content to just be by each other’s side. 

Monica and Matt, it was a genuine honor to be a witness to the day you became husband and wife.  The day you waited so long for turned out to be nothing short of perfect! I couldn’t be more happy for you two!

Enjoy some highlights from their first look and bride and groom portraits!



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