Maggie & Caleb {3 Year Anniversary}

Meet Maggie and Caleb!

You might recognize Maggie from a few blog posts back, she’s my super-talented jewelry making friend (find that blog post here!), our down-the-street neighbor, and wife to the sweetest guy, Caleb (just wait till you see how he looks at her in these photos!). 

We scheduled this shoot one day after their 3 year wedding anniversary.  And can I just say- 3 years looks GOOD on them! The light was disappearing on us fast that summer evening, but we managed to get some beautiful images with the most gorgeous backdrop (hello, Concordia Seminary!) that highlight THEM.  Their sweetness, joy, and ease in each other’s arms.  We got to hear their proposal story, re-enact their first dance (apparently Caleb’s head kept getting dangerously close to the venue’s chandelier), and celebrate God’s faithfulness to them over the course of the last three years.  And then we ended our time together with a family style dinner and ice cream- I mean is there possibly a better ending!? 

What an honor it was to capture the love these two friends-turned-clients share.  We will miss our Movie-Pass buddies and fellow Marvel lovers and wish we had had more time together! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from this beautiful anniversary session at Concordia Seminary!


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