Abbey & Will {4 Year Anniversary}

Meet Abbey and Will!

Will and Abbey have been Alvin’s dear friends since his first year in seminary.  They were one of a few married couples that allowed him into their lives and treated him with respect and love (being single in the church can be hard!).  When I entered the picture, they let me stay at their house when I visited Alvin and were the first to adopt me and welcome me to St. Louis.  When we finally moved to St. Louis after the wedding, they threw a pizza party for us and gave us gift cards to all their favorite coffee and ice cream spots in town!  We have been blessed time and time again by their thoughtful, intentional love towards us.

It was such a joy to capture these images for them as a celebration of 4 years of marriage!  We started on their front porch, and walked the neighborhood they’ve come to love and call home, capturing them at their favorite coffee shop and on their church’s front steps.  I love that these photos truly captured them and the places that are significant to their life together now.  I imagine in the years to come, they’ll look back on these and smile, remembering the long years of seminary and thanking God for the foundation those years laid for making St. Louis their forever home.

They call each other “baby,” laugh and giggle a lot, and when I asked Will what he can do when Abbey is upset to make her feel better, he took her head in his hands and planted a big kiss right on her forehead!  These two are the absolute sweetest!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their neighborhood anniversary session!



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