Olivia & Andrew {5 Year Anniversary}

Meet Olivia and Andrew!

THESE TWO. We’ve been trying to make their anniversary session happen for months and this week I finally got their playful, precious selves in front of my lens and MAGIC, magic happened. I met Olivia in the fall through a women’s group that quickly became a sisterhood. She is nothing if not real, and it was such a joy to capture her and her hubby on a beautiful summer evening. 

Everything about these photos carries extra weight.  Images in their home, surrounded by pieces of their family and friends; photos in their backyard, goofing off on the moped they rode everywhere in their early dating days; photos on Olivia’s grandma’s quilt, the same one they laid on for their engagement photos 5 years ago…

5 years later, and a lot has happened. Big moves and life decisions that have grown them, seasons that have weathered them, and here they are. 5 years later, side by side, reminded of the promises they’ve made, the joys they’ve shared… reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness. Because we all know marriage is hard, so if any of us make it more than a week we gotta throw up our hands and give credit where credit is due. All to Jesus! Who holds our messy selves together and gives us the grace to lay next to each other, side by side, and whisper “I still love you.”

Olivia and Andrew, your love is beautiful, playful and sweet. Thank you for letting me in to capture such *real* images of you.



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