Maggie & Bryan | CNU and Lion’s Bridge Elopement Portraits | Newport News Wedding Photographer

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jervey!

I’ve been holding on to these photos for a few weeks bursting with excitement to share them with you! Maggie and Bryan are a 2020 love story. They met in 2020, started dating in 2020, got engaged in 2020, and in the final days of 2020 they eloped! 2020 gets a bad name, but these two are here to prove that beautiful, joyful, good things came out of that rough year.

On December 27th I had the honor of being the only non-family witness to their union: an honor I do not take lightly! Their celebration was beautiful- a simple ceremony in Maggie’s church with their brothers as their bridal party. Maggie’s coworkers stood outside the church to surprise them and rain confetti and cheers on them during their family portraits. After the ceremony, they enjoyed a small cupcake and hot chocolate reception with their families and then headed to CNU (Maggie’s alma mater) and Lion’s Bridge for some celebratory “just married” photos!

I couldn’t be more happy for these two as they start their lives and a brand new year together as husband and wife! Enjoy my favorites from their bride & groom portraits- a full elopement day blog post will be coming soon!




PS- Don’t they have the BEST smiles!?!


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