Lydia’s Nursery

Welcome to our biggest quarantine project- my little girl’s nursery!

This room is a labor of love brought together by family and friends that have loved and cherished our little girl before she was even born. It used to be Alvin’s home office, and he lovingly downsized his space into a corner of our guest bedroom to make room for our little girl. It is the room closest to our bedroom, with gorgeous natural light and it’s own attached full bath. As I imagined what I wanted this space to look and feel like, I wanted to create a space that felt both bright and warm, bringing in more colors than just pink, creating a space that we lovingly built and designed together.

Sure enough, it was a team effort. Facebook Marketplace supplied the crib and dresser. I painted the black dresser white. My parents painted the room a sandy beige on a weekend. Alvin’s parents bought the blinds. Alvin built the crib, secured the bookshelf, researched the tech and stayed on top of the registry. My parents bought, cut, painted, and installed the closet doors. My grandpa and dad hung the curtain rods. The blankets pictured were all custom made by people we love for Lydia (she has over 10 handmade blankets!). My mom came the day before I went into labor and we hung the picture frames, mirror and shelves… It all came together just in time!

Enjoy a tour of my current favorite room in the house!


PS- My husband loves Marvel and Pokemon, hence the Pikachu’s he’s been collecting over the years and the Black Panther blow up he made sure to include “to protect her.” 🙂 I love my nerdy guy!

PPS- These photos were taken last week when Lydia turned 2 weeks old- today she is 3 weeks!

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