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If you follow me on Instagram, it should come as no surprise that I’m slightly obsessed with this place.  And if you don’t, well it still shouldn’t surprise you that a dessert cafe is right up my alley!  I found this gem not too long ago, and have ever since been redirecting anyone who wants to meet up for a coffee date to meet me here (they do serve coffee, but who would want that when you could get bubble tea or macaroons!?).

LookUp Cafe is a family owned dessert cafe, inspired by desserts from around the world.  “LookUp” has two meanings: first, it’s rooted in their strong family faith, as a reminder to look to Jesus in all things.  Second, it’s tied to their love of the movie “Up”- a film about travel, adventure, and family- all words they want their customers to associate with the cafe.  When you walk through the doors, you’ll find that there’s something for everyone: ice cream or snow cream, cakes and macaroons, bubble teas and smoothies.  It’s a bright, beautiful space and the perfect place to meet up with friends or take the family after dinner.

A huge thank you to Evan, the store manager and pretty much the face of the business for this special opportunity to highlight this Chesapeake gem!  We’ve been scheming for a few weeks to make this shoot awesome, and he rolled out all the stops, treating me and my models (some of our TCC Bible Study students) to all their amazing treats.  As the photos will tell, we had so much fun making this happen!

Enjoy my favorites from this Chesapeake business branding shoot and make sure to check out LookUp off Volvo the next time you’re in the Greenbrier area!



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