Anya & Isaac | Chrysler Museum Wedding Highlights | Norfolk Wedding Photographer

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Sutor!

There are those who are excited to get married, and then there’s Anya and Isaac… ⁠Over the moon doesn’t even touch it!

Youth group meets at our house every week and every week we go around and say our ‘high’ and ‘low’ of the week.  Well, this wedding day was WITHOUT A DOUBT my high!  I cannot say enough how absolutely precious the love these two share is.  They truly, deeply cherish each other and it makes my job oh-so-easy!  I felt just so honored to capture such real, raw moments for them.

Let me share some of those moments with you: these two wanted an ‘end of aisle’ moment, but they also wanted to pray together before the ceremony.  They stood on opposite sides of a wall, held hands, prayed and cried, and I could visibly see them relax, all their jitters melt away when they’re together.  Then after they were pronounced husband and wife and made their way down the aisle, they slipped up into the church balcony with the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and just sat and kissed each other for a solid 5 minutes- PRECIOUS.  I can’t wait to edit all these photos and share them with you!

For today, enjoy some of my favorites from their bride and groom portrait time, when we slipped away to the Chrysler Museum of Art for some private moments after the ceremony.  I can’t wait to show you their full wedding day soon!


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