Introducing…Miriam Grace Lin!

Meet our Littlest Girl!

This long-awaited introduction couldn’t be sweeter: meet our second daughter, Miriam Grace Lin, born November 8th at 1:37am at 8lbs2oz, 19 3/4inches. Her Chinese name is 美瑞安  恩典 Mei Rui An (sounds similar to Miriam, means Beautiful, Prosperity, Peace) En Dian (Grace) Lin. Our hope for her is that she would encompass all of these characteristics- bringing beauty, prosperity, peace and grace wherever she goes.

Labor and delivery was so smooth, and our families truly rallied around us to care for us and Lydia. We got home from church around 1:30pm on the 7th, and at 2pm I almost dropped a plate of steaks when my first contraction hit. Thankfully my parents were with us, and my mom (a former labor and delivery nurse) became the timer of contractions as labor progressed. She finally gave us the okay to head to the hospital around 7:30pm. At 10pm I opted for an epidural and we settled in for the night, thinking we wouldn’t meet Miriam until much later on Monday. So, when the doc came in and checked me at 1:20am and said “It’s time to push!” we were shocked. Sure enough, 3 contractions and less than 10 minutes of pushing later, she was here! Beautiful and perfect in every way!

Getting to know this little girl over the last two weeks has been a joy. She is so cuddly, loves a warm bath or laying on my heating pad, and is truly an amazing sleeper- we are already down to just one feed at nights! We can’t get over how different she and her sister look- Miriam has dark blue eyes and dirty blonde hair! They have similar birthmarks on their foreheads (the same birthmark I was born with), but besides that they couldn’t look more different. Lydia has been so sweet with her- curious and interested, not necessarily jealous. We are coaching her to call her “Mei mei” which means “little sister”, and her attempts have been super cute. My recovery has been smooth too, and I have been so grateful. God has been incredibly good to us in this transition to two, and we are truly and deeply in love with our Miriam Grace.

Thank you for sharing our joy and celebrating this sweet little girl with us! We have been so touched by all the comments, calls, and care you’ve shown! It takes a village, and ours is a particularly special one. Enjoy our self-timer photos from the hospital!



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