49 Moments That Mattered in 2019

2019 was a good year, and I feel blessed to have walked it. 

We set personal goals and grew through them, taking charge of our finances, health, and time.  We deepened friendships and made new friends.  We spent some quality time with our families.  We went back to marriage counseling, and grew from it.  We wrestled with lots of self-doubt, but ultimately both grew in confidence in our jobs: Alvin owning his role as pastor, me stepping into my own with wedding photography.  We took trips- just us, with family, and with friends!  We watched too much TV, but also read more too 🙂 We used our home to host people at least twice a week and loved it.  Our youth group and college kids kept us feeling young as we played games, ate all the junk food, and laughed a whole lot.

I love looking at my “Top Nine” each year, because they usually are pretty accurate to how the year really felt.  Here’s a little description of each photo:

  1. My sister’s pregnancy announcement, one year after their wedding anniversary
  2. My biggest project of the year- a gorgeous Norfolk Botanical Gardens styled shoot!
  3. My sister’s bridal portraits- my very first blog post of 2019!
  4. Our wedding photo- posted on our 2nd anniversary
  5. Erica and Jim’s wedding day- a dream couple, venue, and vendor team!
  6. Our wedding photo- posted on our 2nd anniversary
  7. Just a random happy, sweaty summer photo of yours truly 🙂
  8. Me and my birthday bike!
  9. Our 2nd anniversary portraits, by Cat Deline

So, without further ado:  49 Moments That Mattered in 2019!

  1. We took an amazing trip to Barbados!
  2. We started tackling our finances through Financial Peace together!
  3. We made it through Whole30 round 2 for us, 3 for me
  4. Got some not-so-newlywed couples in front of my camera
  5. Branding photography
  6. I survived my first off-season, which was super hard and had some low moments.
  7. Taught lots of VIPKIDS classes
  8. Alvin got ordained!
  9. April and I carried each other in prayer through some rough stuff, and came out better friends for it
  10. We started and completed our second round of marriage counseling.
  11. Participated in two Jen Wilkin Studies: Genesis and 1 Peter, with wonderful women from our church
  12. Helped my parents prep my childhood home to put on the market (I have zero photos to show because my phone exploded this spring!)
  13. The end of an era:  Avengers EndGame
  14. Hosted some sweet friends!  Danny and Melissa and their kiddos, and Kevin and Holly.
  15. Launched our own community group with these guys!
  16. Celebrated my brother’s 17th birthday in Norfolk 
  17. Worked with Sarah Street Photography and finally learned off camera flash!
  18. Started shooting in colorful, out-of-the-box places!
  19. My best friend, Patricia, had her first baby- Faith!
  20. Chris and I drove up to NoVA to celebrate Abby’s 23rd birthday with her!
  1. My parents bought and started renovating a 50 year old a house on the water
  2. I got to be a part of beautiful weddings- celebrating with and capturing couples on the happiest day of their lives!   
  3. Started trying to have a baby!
  4. Took a trip to Charlottesville to celebrate our 2nd anniversary 
  5. July 1- 2 Year Wedding Anniversary, 1 Year Anniversary at Grace Presbyterian
  6. July 4th at my parent’s house
  7. West VA vacation with Alvin’s family, complete with zip lining and white water rafting!
  8. WaterCountry with our kiddos
  9. Weekly times with this precious friend, Cheryl, and her kiddos 🙂
  10. Got some amazing couples back in their wedding dresses and took some of my best photos EVER!
  11. 2 year Anniversary Photoshoot with Cat Deline
  12. Turned 25 and got a bike!
  13. Crisfield, MD retreat- first friendcation with some of our besties from seminary!
  14. Finished one full year of student ministry, and launched into our second year with some of the best kids around! 
  15. Lots of sweet times at my parents’ new home
  16. Erica & Jim’s wedding- collaboration with so many awesome vendors!
  17. Just a special girls day with my momma that I want to remember 🙂 Pedicures, Olive Garden, and Say Yes to the Dress!
  18. Alvin turned 32!
  19. Alvin’s brother Kevin came and visited us a few times!
  20. We planned and lead a Fall Retreat for our youth group kiddos at my parent’s house!
  21. Met this sweet friend, Anna, who has been an answer to prayer! 
  22. LookUp Dessert Café branding shoot- first time doing a branding shoot for a storefront!
  23. Hosted a Murder Mystery Halloween Party for our youth group kiddos
  24. Collaborated with Coastal Events LLC to create and photograph this amazing Norfolk Botanical Gardens styled shoot!
  25. We did a mini 24hr getaway on a houseboat in Norfolk just before the holidays!
  26. First Thanksgiving at my parents new home, where Abby and Josh announced their pregnancy!  Then Alvin’s parents came to visit us after Thanksgiving.
  27. Played a lot of board games and watched a lot of Netflix.  Our games of the year: Sushi Go, Splendor, 5 Second Rule, Things, and Azul. Our shows of the year: The Office, Psych, Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and all the Die Hards!
  28. Shot my first Historic Post Office wedding almost exactly a year after my sister got married there!
  29. Survived hosting 4 Christmas Parties, had a very Merry Christmas morning in our home and Christmas evening with my parents, and a Happy New Year with Alvin’s family.

Whew.  If you made it this far, you’re a trooper!  I’m grateful to share these memories with you.

All in all, 2019 was an awesome year, with so many awesome people.  Can’t wait for all that 2020 will hold!




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