Grace & Ethan | Bridal Beach Session | Sandbridge Wedding Photographer

Meet Grace and Ethan!

These two have become sweet friends of ours here in Chesapeake.  Grace was a college friend I’d lost touch with until last fall she popped up in my Facebook feed engaged and moving to Chesapeake!  She and Ethan got married in December, one day before my sister’s wedding, and we had our first double date in January.  We connected easily over board games, theology, good food, and a love for East Asia.

Grace always wanted a beach wedding but these two were smart and opted for a short engagement to minimize their long-distance dating, so instead of beaches she got a cold December day.  But I think we more than made up for the lack of sun and sand on their wedding day with these portraits!  I love that these two did things their way.  That they didn’t wait to get married but turned around a few months later and booked these beach bridal portraits and ended up having the best of both worlds- married life sooner and beach wedding portraits for dayssss.

They came over, I curled Grace’s hair and put together her bouquet, and we took an evening to escape to the beach together.  This was my first shoot where the bride was willing to get in the water and ya’ll… it was fabulous!  Everything about our time was Pinterest-perfect and I ended up delivering 3x the number of photos I usually promise to these two because there were just so many amazing ones!  Their love is so sweet, tender, and playful they were absolutely amazing to capture.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their beach bridal session!



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