2 Years and 2 Days ago…

I was a bride too, you know.  2 years and 2 days ago I was the one in front of the camera lens, sneaking up on Alvin for our first look.  I walked down the aisle on my dad’s arm to “All of Me” by the Piano Guys.  I promised him forever and kissed him good in front of all our closest family and friends.  I was a bride too…

I’m not sure how long you’re allowed to call yourself a ‘newlywed’ but I think we’re hitting that weird ‘not-so-newlywed’ season where everyone starts asking you when you’re going to have kids.  We’ve lost a little bit of the giddy-ness of newlywed life, and gained a sense of security and a sweet rhythm to our days.  I love him now more than ever, but don’t showcase it in Instagram captions as readily as I did in our first year.

But today is an exception.  Today, let me gush on my man:

Alvin, I love you.  I’ll keep loving and choosing to love you till death do us part.  You are my rock.  You make me laugh.  You are patient and kind when I am not.  Where would I be without you?  Year two for us was full of ups and downs and lots of transitions, just like year one and probably like every other year to come really, since that’s just life.  We moved to Chesapeake, and bought a house.  You started a new job and I restarted my business in VA.  We were a part of 4 different wedding parties.  We rode the highs and lows of being small business owners (you with the youth group, me with photography) together.  We went to Barbados.  We started keeping tabs on our finances.  We conquered a second round of Whole30.  We started marriage counseling round 2.  You got ordained.  We started dreaming about the future.  We experienced my first round of “busy season.”  We made friends, we made mistakes.  We fought, and we made up.  We got more disciplined with time in the Word, and then we slacked.  And that’s life.  Thanks for navigating it all with me.  You’re my favorite.

This has been a good year.  And this has been a hard year.  I can confidently say it is both and it is well. God has stood by our side, established us, brought us back to each other time and time again. So here’s to year 3!  I am continually comforted by the fact that we are all, year 2s, year 27s, year 56s, in process and he’s not finished with us yet!  Praying for a year of growth in communication, friendship, and joy.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from our little Charlottesville getaway last week.



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