Family Photos | Saying Goodbye to Our Season as a Family of Three

I have this strong conviction that part of preparing for and looking forward to Miriam’s arrival is celebrating and grieving well the end of our season as a family of three. Today on the blog I wanted to share our family photos from mid-September. They’re a combo of “Lydia is one!,” maternity photos, and just some sweet moments as a family of three to remember this season by. Join me as I reminisce on the last 14 months…

With Lydia Joy’s birth, we became a family of 3. But beyond that, Alvin and I became new people; and we have spent the last 14 months (on the 4th) growing into our roles as parents, evolving in our identities as individuals, and joining together in new ways as a couple. We’ve spent the last 14 months getting to know this little girl that has brought so much light and love into our home as well as getting to know and leaning on each other more and more each day as we navigate all the ‘new’ of parenting. I was thinking the other day about how crazy it is that both my babies are pandemic babies- carried and born in a really weird, uncertain time. But in the midst of the ups and downs of the world around us, resulting job stresses, and just a lot of change, this girl has brought the sunshine we needed on some pretty dark days, and that only makes us look forward to her sister more.

So here’s to 14 months (almost) as a family of 3! We know more of God’s goodness and grace is right around the corner, and yet this is a bittersweet goodbye to a season we have truly loved. Lydia Joy, thanks for turning our world upside down in all the best ways. Miriam Grace, we can’t wait to meet you and are ready when you are!



PS- Many thanks to my friend Emily Connor Photography for capturing these memories for us! We could not have been more thrilled with how they came out and are so thankful for you and your talent!

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