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Meet Erica and Jim!

Okay, I have a lot to say about these two, so just buckle down.  I had never met Erica or Jim before this day.  Erica and I had talked on the phone and texted back and forth, but that was it.  I was 20 minutes away from their engagement session when I got in an accident.  Nothing major (just got a new hood and bumper) but just the kind of thing that really shakes you up.  I texted Erica to let her know I was going to be a little late and she was so gracious, offering to pick me up and telling me to take all the time I needed.  I made it to Alexandria and took a minute to let the tears out before going to meet them at a coffee shop.  When I walked into the shop looking a little red and puffy from crying, they bypassed my handshake and wrapped me up in the sweetest hugs instead, offering to buy me drinks and wanting to care for ME.  That’s my job- to take care of them, and they just flipped my day on it’s head and were the absolute sweetest.  I felt like that story was worth sharing because it shows who they are- kind, caring, genuine people who love each other deeply and love the people around them well. 

We had such a blast meadering around Old Town Alexandria, reminiscing on their first date, when they knew they were “the one” and just cracking up over our favorite Dwight moments from The Office.  These two are gold and I cannot wait to capture their wedding this fall and I’m actually super bummed I won’t see them until then!  What a gift it is when clients become friends!

Anyways, enjoy some of my favorites from this winter Old Town Alexandria engagement session!



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