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Meet Danielle and Josh!

They grew up together in the same church, running in the same friend groups, part of the same youth group, but when I asked Danielle how her high school self would have responded to “One day you’re going to marry Josh” she couldn’t keep from grinning- it never crossed her mind at the time!  They became best friends just before I met Danielle her freshman year of college (she was actually at my house when I went on my first date with Alvin!) and things grew slow and steady between them until one day Josh took her back to the spot he asked her to be his girlfriend and got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! 

I asked Danielle and Josh to choose a location for their engagement session that was significant to them and their story.  Frying Pan Farm Park is right down the road from my in-laws and I’ve driven past it dozens of times…come to find out, half of it used to belong to their church!  This is where their story began.  In a small red building with a field behind and horse pastures in front smack in the middle of Northern VA.  We had so much fun wandering the grounds and running through the fields together.  The session started with dark storm clouds and strong winds but eventually the sun broke through and we had the most amazing golden hour light to play in!

I can’t wait for their June wedding but for now, enjoy some of my favorites from their spring engagement session; complete with plenty of laughter, wind, and some fun tailgate photos in Josh’s red truck to wrap it all up! 




3 thoughts on “Danielle & Josh | Frying Pan Farm Park Engagement Session | NOVA Wedding Photographer”

  • I am IN LOVE with these pictures. The location is beautiful and the couple is the sweetest in these pictures!

  • Josh and Danielle…who would have guessed that a little red truck would be part of so wonderful an occasion? Praying for many joy-filled times together for years to come. Our love and prayers…Milt and Jeannie

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