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Meet Anya and Issac!

I met Anya her freshman year at Mason.  She would hang around the Cru house I lived at and we’d cook dinner together and talk about life.  After her sophomore year, she transferred down to CNU where she met Issac.  After following along with their love story through Facebook I knew I had to capture these two’s special relationship.  So we cleared our schedules and took a cloudy, spring evening to meet at Yorktown beach and set aside the craziness of life to capture and celebrate them; their story and their love.

3-5 business days.  It’s their little inside joke.  They laugh saying that most of the markers in their relationship happened within 3-5 business days of each other.  After they first met, their first date came 3-5 business days later.  After their first date, their relationship status change happened within that timeframe and after that, their first “I love you”s came 3-5 days later.  I mean, does it get any cuter!?  They’re the real deal.

These two are absolutely precious.  I know I say that about a lot of my couples, but it was just so obvious from the get-go that these two genuinely adore each other.  It didn’t take much to get Issac to kiss her, and in his arms Anya laughed easily.  It’s clear that their love for each other is founded not just on the ooohhs and ahhs of relationships (“she’s the most beautiful girl ever” or “isn’t he sweet?”- although they have those too!) but that they truly know each other’s hearts and have put in work to make their relationship last.

Enjoy my favorite photos from their Yorktown Beach “just because” couples session!




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