Bonnie Branding Session | Norwex Consulting Business | Chesapeake Branding Photographer

Meet Bonnie!

Did you know that I do branding photography for small businesses? Well, I do and it’s actually one of my favorite things to photograph- besides my awesome couples! This week I’m excited to highlight a Norwex Consulting branding shoot!

This is Bonnie– and yes, she really is this delightful in person! She hired me to up-level her Norwex consulting business by having custom branding images that felt like her. I loveee doing this for my branding clients: stepping into their world, learning about their passion for what they do, and bringing it to life with photos that feel like *them*. ⁠ Images like this build up your “Know, Like, Trust” factor with your potential clients and give your brand authenticity. Why should they buy from you? Because they know your story and see you as an authority. Because they like bright yellow, a clean house and wine too! Because they see you busting your butt to make things happen and trust your expertise.

For Bonnie, it’s all about helping people. “I found cleaning products that work, are chemical-free, save money and time… how could I not share that?”⁠ Norwex is  a line of cleaning and personal care products that help radically reduce chemicals in your home. Bonnie has been a consultant with them for 3  years, and in the last year has started training other consultants! I am so impressed my her hustle and (non-pushy, genuine) passion for what she does! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from her branding session!




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