49 Moments That Mattered in 2018

Whew.  Pulling photos and going back through the year to make this blog post was a lot of work!  But I try to remind myself that this blog- it’s my legacy.  Years from now, this is where I can go, and my kids and grandkids can go, to see a record of our lives.  So it matters.  Documenting the big and little things matters.  Pulling out the phone for a selfie just with lunch with friends is important (and something I need to be better at) because otherwise these days just fly by.  It’s sweet to put these two grids side-by-side (one from my business Insta account and one from my personal Instagram account at the end of this post) and see that they both reflect important parts of our year.

This was the year of intentional growth in our marriage as we tackled some hard stuff in marriage counseling.  This was the year of lots of prayer and change as we waited on job applications, and eventually accepted the position at Grace and moved to Chesapeake.  This was the year of weddings- 2 of Alvin’s groomsmen and 3 of my bridesmaids got married and we moved back just in time to be a part of all of these special celebrations!  This was Sarah Lin Photography’s transformative year- starting with learning manual, changing my posing, mastering Lightroom, owning my story, and transplanting my business back home.  This was the first full year that Alvin and I walked through together as husband and wife; highs and lows, more joys than sorrows, grateful to take on the world together.

Life moves fast these days but I’m grateful to be along for the ride as the Lord continues to lead and shape us and I can’t wait to see what 2019 will hold!

So, without further ado, 49 moments that mattered in 2018:

  1. Rang in the New Year with Alvin’s family in NoVA
  2. Spent lots of game nights with these two.
  3. Got the late-night phone call that Abby and Josh got engaged!
  4. Alvin took me on a romantic treehouse retreat before the semester started.
  5. Did our first round of Whole30 together (so. many. dishes.)
  6. Became friends with these two and they modeled for my first photoshoot shot entirely in manual
  7. Was a part of a women’s cohort group that I don’t have a picture of, but that’s mostly because we were fully and completely present with each other.  They are dear friends and carrying each other’s burdens was a JOY.
  8. Started marriage counseling
  9. A lot of job applications, a lot of waiting
  10. Roommate reunion in Maryland with EvaLynn and Amy
  11. Solid neighborhood friend group forming, a lot of people that we miss in one photo! 
  12. Hosted Abby + Josh and took their engagement pics
  13. Went to Chicago for Spring Break and got the call that Grace Presbyterian Church of Chesapeake wanted us to visit!
  14. Hosted my brother
  15. Hosted Alvin’s parents  
  16. Visited Grace Presbyterian Church of Chesapeake, Alvin preached, house hunted, and Alvin accepted their job offer as Director of Student Ministries
  17. Flew to Chesapeake to house hunt and found THE ONE.
  18. Graduated marriage counseling (for now)
  19. Final exams for us both
  20. Alvin graduated from Covenant Seminary with his Masters of Divinity
  21. Photoshoot sprint: said goodbye to many friends the best way I knew how, by documenting their lives and stocking up on all the photos before our move.
  22. Hannah and Steve vow renewal/ Alvin second shoots for the first time!
  23. Said goodbye to our newlywed home and many friends in St. Louis
  24. Moved to Chesapeake, VA and bought a house!
  25. Participated in a styled shoot that helped establish my business in Chesapeake and where I met so many vendors that have now become friends.
  26. July 1st- our 1 year anniversary and Alvin’s first day on the job!
  27. My old roommate Amy came to visit and she was our first guest in our new home!
  28. Sarah Lin Photography continues to grow! Making vendor friends, traveling for shoots. 
  29. My best friend and bridesmaid Patricia had her bachelorette and I took her engagement photos.
  30. Patricia got married and I got to be her photographer!
  31. We went to Seattle for Alvin’s groomsman and best friend Kevin’s wedding 
  32. My best friend Nia’s bachelorette and bridal portraits
  33. Launched a new youth group at Grace!
  34. Went to Colorado with Alvin’s family to celebrate his grandmother’s life
  35. Nia got married!
  36. Our house began to feel like a home, growing new friendships, watching a lot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  37. Alvin plowed through a month of exams and got licensed to preach and I started teaching ESL classes online with VIPKIDS.
  38. Spent many precious moments with family.
  39. 1920s Murder Mystery Party with friends!
  40. Thanksgiving with our families
  41. Started reading Harry Potter and got totally hooked
  42. The wedding festivities began- bridal portraits and a shower for my sister.
  43. Shot in the snow for the first time!
  44. Went to Philly to eat good food, photograph a friend’s proposal and binge a lot of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  45. Celebrated our first Christmas in our new home
  46. Hosted Abby’s bachelorette
  47. Abby and Josh got married!
  48. Blogged consistently for a whole year and produced my best work yet!Whew.  If you made it this far, thank you.  You’re a trooper!  I’m grateful to share these memories with you.  All in all, it was a FULL year. I’m grateful for all 2018 has brought and looking forward to the year ahead!  We’re ringing in the new year with a year and a half of marriage and 3 years together and spending next week in Barbados celebrating!

    Much love to you all, wherever this new year finds you,


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