Our 1st Anniversary!


One year ago I walked down the aisle to become Mrs. Lin.  It’s been an amazing and hard year- yes, I believe it can be both!- truly impossible to sum up in a love note.

But I look back on who we were then and who we are now and I’m proud.  Proud at how we’ve grown, proud at the ways we’ve softened, proud at what we’ve weathered together.  I am not the same woman who walked down that aisle, and you are not the same man.  We know ourselves better now, we know each other better, and we understand, on a deeper level, the love of the Father for his Bride.

Thank you Alvin for growing with me this past year.  For believing in me and speaking life to my dreams, for bearing with me as I learned you, for being quick to forgive.  Thank you for keeping our home stocked with fresh flowers, for letting me sit on your lap after dinner even though you complain every time, for patiently sharing who you are with me day in and day out and leaving space for me to do the same.  Thank you for calling me your “beautiful baby bumblebee” even when I’m sleepy-eyed and grouchy in the morning.  Thank you for saying yes to countless Office episodes, bowls of ice cream, selfies, and living room dance parties.

You are the one for me and I love you so.  I am so grateful you chose me to do this crazy thing called life with and I cannot wait to see all the changes, growth, and joys that come with year 2.

Love always,


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