Annie & Zac {Vinita Park Anniversary Session}

Meet Annie and Zac!

These two have been our neighbors for some time now and one thing I’ve always admired about them is how playful, sincere, and gentle their love is.  They have become dear friends and their marriage is an example to many.  They’ll have been married 4 years this coming July, and it’s obvious to all who know them how deeply in love they are.  They have a rhythm about them, a deep sense of knowing and being known, a sweetness that can’t be defined with words.  They put each other at ease, she fits perfectly into his chest and his arms are quick to enclose around her.  They’ve grown together through years of dating, coming to know the Lord, and years of marriage all side by side.

I loved getting to spend time with them for a session on a snow day in the neighborhood to celebrate their love and hear more of their story!  These two are Floridians at heart, so I was super grateful they were willing to brave the cold- they say you don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when you’re happy!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this snow day anniversary session!



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