Taiwan and Asia 2020 Trip

Hello friends!

Remember that time we went to Taiwan and Asia for two weeks, and then came home and were self-quarantined for two weeks? Well, I do and it sure was a crazy way to kick off 2020!  But now that our quarantine is up, I’ve got a fun recap of our trip for you! It’s a combo of iPhone and “real camera” photos and is a fun storybook of our adventures abroad.

We really had a wonderful time in Taipei with Alvin’s family, getting to stay with his grandma and celebrate Chinese New Year together.  Then we adventured off on our own to Hualien to explore Taroko Gorge and eat all the night market foods. From there we got to spend precious time with my old roomies for a few days before heading to Hong Kong to wrap up our adventures. The timeline of our trip played out differently than expected, and it was hard to have to miss one of our stops altogether and not get to see Alvin’s close friends, but all in all we were grateful to get home safely in the midst of cancelled and rescheduled flight craziness due to the virus frenzy.  It was a memorable trip on all accounts, and one we cherished knowing that we probably won’t get to take it again for quite some time (it’s a lot of work to go all the way to the other side of the world!).

Enjoy a fun smorgasbord of pictures from our trip!




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