Michaels Challenge

Meet my sister Abby!

Isn’t she beautiful?!

Last weekend I flew to Virginia to spend time with her and a handful of other sweet friends.  We ate Thai food, browsed the mall, and eventually wound up at Michaels. 

Anyone who’s ever claimed to be a photographer knows how valuable it is to have family members that are willing to go along with your crazy ideas, or even better, suggest them to you first!  Abby has been my #1 model since day one.  She’s dressed up in thrift store gowns, posed in vacant parking garages in the middle of winter, and “laughed for the shot” more times than I can count.  So when I first saw the #michaelschallenge viral photos, I knew I had to do this with her. 

She’s my partner in crime, sassy sister, and best friend.  She happily cuddled right up to the fake flowers, ignoring the stares of shoppers.  We had a blast posing in the aisles, being applauded by strangers, and stopping to smell the (fake) roses.  She even got a few of me! 

Without further ado, enjoy some of my favorites from our little shoot!



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