Bethany & Keisuke {St. Louis Art Museum Anniversary Session}

Meet Bethany and Keisuke!

The first time I met these two was when they rang my doorbell and asked to take my chair.  Let me back up a little…

I’m an avid Goodwill hunter and a month ago I scored BIG.  I came across a brand-new set of dining room chairs.  I snatched them up and sent an email to our neighborhood’s Google group that our old dining room chairs were up for grabs.  No sooner had I sent the email then these two show up on our doorstep.  The thing is, there are not many Asians in our neighborhood, let alone Asian guy/white girl couples.  So I had to invite them in for tea!  Turns out they had just moved here a few weeks before from Japan!  We spent the next hour swapping travel stories and getting to know one another.  Keisuke and Alvin hit it off right away, and Bethany’s contagious laughter had me dropping my courteous giggle act in exchange for unflattering belly laughs fast.  The next day we had them over for dinner and talked for FIVE HOURS.  And then we went over to their place two days later and belly laughed for another 5! 

So while we’ve only known these two little over a month, they’ve quickly become good friends.  They’ve been married almost three years and it was such an honor to capture their joy. 

Enjoy some of my favorites (full of belly laughs) from our time together!



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