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Mel and Dan’s day will forever be a favorite. Not just because it was my first wedding at the Historic Post Office, or because everything- from the flowers to the colors, down to the last little detail- was a photographer’s dream, but because it was a day made and filled with so much love from their family and friends. I loved seeing their community surround them, use their talents to bless them, and rejoice with them through the course of the day. An aunt made the gorgeous cake, a housemate was the coordinator, a bridesmaid did hair, an old housemate did flowers…the list goes on and on and I was just amazed at what a talented, generous group they had making this day happen!  It all felt sacred, and I was so honored to be a part of it.

In the months leading up to their day, worked with Mel and Dan to create a custom photography package that fit their budget. That meant I was only present for about 4 hours of their day, but man, did we make the time count. I loved slipping in just in time to grab photos of Mel’s bridesmaids praying over her before her first look. Their bridal party photos are some of my favorites- not just because they’ve got a good looking group, but because the joy and excitement in the room for these two was palpable. We made sure to prioritize plenty of time for bride and groom portraits- those special moments of just them both before and after the ceremony that allowed us take advantage of all that the HPO and downtown Hampton has to offer. We milked every minute, and I am proud of the amount of photos we got in such a short window!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this timeless Historic Post Office wedding!




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